The Main Hall

The hall has a public entertainments licence for a maximum of 200 people.

The photograph to the left shows the main hall laid out with seating for 200 in a public performance (audience style) utilising the stage.

It can however, also be laid out with chairs around individual tables in cabaret style with a capacity of 160.

A further configuration is with a central catwalk for fashion shows, when the maximum capacity is 150 persons.

When used as a dance hall, the capacity is reduced to 120 people.

When the hall is being used for events with an audience, the adjacent Connor Suite is usually used for the purpose of serving refreshments during the interval.

Behind the stage are separate male and female dressing rooms, a lavatory, and an electric wheelchair lift up to the stage.

Other possible uses of the hall include art exhibitions, jumble sales, community fairs etc.
(see Photo Gallery)

Hire fees available on request.

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